Veriflies 2.4 focuses on new connector and improvement of the DAM Audit module.

A new connector to CELUM DAM

Veriflies 2.4 strengthens its market presence with the addition of a connector for the Celum DAM. Celum customers can now benefit of all the Veriflies features “out of the box”.

Improved Quality Assurance with DAM audit

The DAM audit modules now allows to build rich comparisons between metadata contents and expected values. It is thus possible to compare to “empty” values or “not empty” values. You can for example simply check if your Copyright metadata field always contains a value for the “atmosphere” assets.

Planning the audit has also been improved with the capability to test the queries used to select the subset of assets. You can get an immediate estimation on the number of assets that will be audited. With this information, you can decide to adapt your strategy to optimize the response time of your audit.

Auditing the DAM is a very specialized expertize. We now offer the capability to allocate this reponsability to a dedicated user role : the DAM auditor. All features related to audit are now available at a glande to the DAM auditor into Veriflies. And obviously the other roles still exist : content manager, content producer, quality controller and administrator.

Audits that last too long can now be cancelled at any time. You can thus restructure your audit strategy and get faster results.

At last, the notification of audits has been improved. You can now receive an Email to your (or to selected) Email address when the audit task is completed.

For detailed information, checkout the DAM audit section.