Veriflies 2.3 focuses on the DAM content audit automation. It allows to get a detailed view of the current quality of assets available into the DAM and provides a full reporting to improve the quality regarding the Quality Assurance expectations.

Quality Assurance with DAM audit

Most of the time, assets are directly ingested into the DAM, either manually or directly from third party applications such as Lightroom. In that case, the compliance of assets cannot be guaranteed. DAM audit is a new Veriflies module allowing to automate the audit of DAM content.

Any audit rules set can be defined and applied either to metadata or assets. 

With DAM audit, the Quality Assurance of your DAM content has never been so simple. For each set of audit rules defined, you get an individual reporting giving the reason why assets or metadata are compliant or not.

All the results are stored into your preferred DAM, making DAM audit module fully transparent to you content manager and DAM users.

DAM audit is the ultimate way to ensure Qualiy Assurance of your content at any time with a minimum of human resources. Your content management team can be now fully concentrated on their high value business.

For detailed information, checkout the DAM audit section.

A new connector to WORDPRESS CMS

Because contents are not only stored into DAMS, Veriflies opens the Digital Asset Compliance concept to the CMS. 

You can now connect Veriflies to any WordPress CMS and benefit of the digital asset compliance workflow to ingest assets into Workpress.