Veriflies version 2.2

Veriflies 2.2 focuses on the industrialization of image production. It implements advanced digital image processing to control the quality of your image content, and allows background processing of this content analysis. You can now download hundreds of files that will be analyzed while you continue to work. Finally, for small teams, Veriflies now allows the Content Manager role to order, upload and validate files: Digital Asset Compliance is accessible to all organizations, regardless of their size.

Automatize Content analysis

E-commerce sites use thousands of images that change regularly. To ensure an exceptional brand image, it is necessary to control each image that will be published on these websites. For this, some customers apply up to 30 checks before publication.

Some controls focus on technical quality, such as image size, dimensions, ICC profile or color space used.

Others focus on the quality of the shot such as sharpness, absence of noise, pixelization or even homogeneity of color between different views of the same product.

Still others focus on the composition of the image, such as the position of the focal point, the size of the product relative to the size of the image, or the homogeneity of the background.

Finally, the control can also concern the presence of mannequins, children or even the quality of the ambient images.

In order to help our customers to carry out more efficiently the quality control of the contents of their images, we imagined a solution which makes it possible to automate it. It is thus already possible to check the following points:

  • sharpness of the image
  • dimensions of the product in the image
  • positioning of the product in the image
  • background quality

For each check, Veriflies determines the acceptance ranges and produces a detailed report for each image checked.

With automatic content control, thousands of hours of manual work are saved while guaranteeing the quality of the images used.

Background processing for thumbnailing

The increasing richness offered in content analysis should not alter the ease of use of Veriflies. That’s why we’ve developed a brand new analysis engine that works in the background. Even after uploading a batch of images, you can continue to validate files while Veriflies performs the controls you have chosen.

No time wasted: your efficiency is further improved.

Content manager role can now uploads files

For customers who want to simplify their content validation process, Veriflies now offers the ability for Content Manager to order, upload and validate files.

A single role for all the actions required for Digital Asset Compliance.

This solution is ideal for small teams that do not want to miss the quality of their images or videos.