Veriflies version 2.1

The latest Veriflies version includes now a new role helping companies to better manage their legal obligations related to new regulations.

With arms wide open to the DAM world, Veriflies offers a new connector to a DAM market leader : Nuxeo. All validated assets can now be automatically ingested into the Nuxo DAM, including metadata and related documents such as contracts, video transcriptions, subtitles or translations.

The user interface has been improved to enrich the user experience.

A new role : the legal

The digital workspace is now increasingly concerned by regulation rules. The Global Data Protection Rule is one of the most recent example impacting all companies operating in digital services. Currently, institutions apply strict controls of other existing regulations, especially when it concerns copyright issues. Digital contents have moved from the craft and artistic inspired activity to an industrial, efficient and legal based production process. Most appropriate solution would be to include the legal compliance control at the early stage of digital content production process. This is what is offered now in the version 2.1 of Veriflies platform.

As a manager you can enrol the legal department in your compliance process to check, update or enrich the legal information related to your digital assets. Legal role can also upload the contracts signed with stakeholders. They will be automatically ingested into your DAM and even linked to the related assets.


Nuxeo DAM is an open source content management system platform, combining data and related files in a original way. Nuxeo allows to create custom features for files. It also offers the possibility to create a workflow process to ensure documents are only made available to users with the correct permissions.