Veriflies version 2.0 release

The latest version of Veriflies now includes flexible process management to make the content manager the conductor of digital compliance.
But that’s not all: always in the interests of flexibility and enhanced collaboration, each role can now provide metadata content.

The relevance of the metadata is thus increased because they are filled in by those who know the gods.

You will also find a contextual “user hints” that will help you at every step of the process. You are guided at all times and know exactly what you need to do to take the next step.

A flexible process

Content certification is based on a validation process that involves content managers, content producers, quality controllers and even lawyers.
If the actors are clearly identified, the process can be different depending on the projects.

The content manager can, for example, launch the creation of a visual with a simple validation when it is handed over. In other cases, for atmospheric photos, it may be necessary to go through the validation of all actors.

Our experience has enabled us to understand that the validation process is essential but that it must be adapted to each company and even to each project.

That’s why the Veriflies workflow engine has been completely redesigned to allow you to make Content Manager the leader of content validation.
He can choose at any time to pass on the delivery to the most appropriate role for the current project.

This flexibility offers greater simplicity and saves time while maintaining the total traceability of the process, which has led to content validation.

A new artificial intelligence engine.

Because the deep learning-based tagging tools are all different, we now offer the possibility to choose between several of them.

The Clarifai connector allows you to connect Veriflies to this service to benefit directly in the platform from the automatic tagging possibilities offered by Clarifai.